On January 1, 2010 the EPA began requiring R-410A (also known by the brand name Puron, SUVA & GENTRON AZ-20) refrigerant in air conditioning and heat pump systems. This means that all air conditioning & heat pump equipment produced in or imported to the U.S. may be required to use R-410A or higher efficiency standard equipment.
Go to the EPA website for updated and current information.
Why was this change made?
It is the EPA's belief that the release of HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) into the atmosphere may deplete the Earth's protective ozone layer. This will help restrict the release of this man-made chemical & others that are believed to deplete this layer.
How has ORA complied with the R-410A regulation?
Air conditioners & heat pumps that use R-22 can still be serviced & repaired with R-22 or an Industry Compliant substitute that may be available for use in equipment that was manufactured prior to January 1, 2010.
When system replacement is necessary, the system can still be replaced with R-22 equipment as long as it is available. There is no present ban on the sale of R-22 equipment. The new regulation only requires manufacturters to produce higher efficiency equipment.
ORA may implement some upgrades & modifications needed to bring your existing heating/cooling system into compliance with SEER & HSPF standards.
  Note: The price of these phased out coolants & R-22 system parts may continue to rise if their availability decreases. For more information & FAQs on the Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to phase out these refrigerants & how this may affect you, please see the EPA's brochure: Phasing Out HCFC Refrigerants to Protect the Ozone Layer
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